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2020-05-30 igralnicom 0

Welcome to Conquestia. Choose your Race, Level your hero! Cast Spells! , gain skills ! level professions! Adventure lies beyond the walls of Eden Hold, […]

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The Minecrafters

2020-04-17 igralnicom 0

TheMinecrafters Server is a Faction PvP ServerFactions,survival,PvP,24/7,towns,castles,Awesome buildings.Owner: fadelassaadCo owner: xXxBadmanxXxAdmins:Protatoes Rules:No hackingNo cheatingNo swearingNo spammingRespect the staffRespect the faction Owners.Respect the other playersGet new […]

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2020-03-19 igralnicom 0

Elynia is a 24/7 factions/war server. So bring your friends, start a faction, and go to battle with the other ruthless factions out there. Featuring […]

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2020-02-12 igralnicom 0

No Whitelist Website: Hello! Today I invite you to my established minecraft server, GalaxyCraft. We are a survival server that does not tolerate griefing; […]

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2020-01-15 igralnicom 0

If you are the guy who likes to raid,steal and grief then this is the right place for you! StormPvP allows you to grief and […]

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2019-12-12 igralnicom 0

Titan Points, Spend Titan Points here for services, items, and ranks.You receive +1 Titan Point for each hour of gameplay./titan – Shows the number of […]

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Shulker boat

2019-08-29 igralnicom 0

You know how boats can transport players and shulker boxes can transport items by remembering the details of the items inside them? Why not have […]