Elynia is a 24/7 factions/war server. So bring your friends, start a faction, and go to battle with the other ruthless factions out there. Featuring some of the best plugins such as iConomy, mcmMO, Essentials, Chest Shop and of course, factions. If you think you are going to come in here with your hack clients and win every fight, thing again. This server has NoCheat plugin on it, making all hack clients useless. Staff will not show cheaters and mercy when caught in the act, so if you’re looking it cheat, find somewhere else to do it.

Server version: 1.2.5
Type of server: A hardcore PVP factions server.

All donations goes toward the server. Information will be posted once we set up Buycraft. If you would like to donate please click HERE
Donations will also increase your likeliness of becoming a staff member.
We will accept any donations!